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SRTIP Bloc B - B22 -134, Sharjah - UAE
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+971 50 189 2273
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CIDESCO Treatment

CIDESCO treatments are tailored to your individual wishes and needs.

Based on solid counseling and analysis, we select the appropriate cosmetics, electrical equipment, and massage, and devise the most suitable treatment method for that person. We also provide advice on lifestyle habits (diet and exercise) based on the idea that beauty is based on a healthy mind and body.

GST Graceful Facial Workshop

GST Graceful Facial

GST Graceful Facial is an anti-aging treatment developed by CIDESCO International for CIDESCO therapists worldwide.

GST Graceful Facial Seminar

1. Distribution of texts, badges, salon exhibition POPs, and DVDs
2. Display in the list of CN member salons
3. Acquisition of GST Graceful Facial Trainer certificate

GST Graceful Facial Instructor Training Course

1. Hold a workshop for members as an instructor after taking the course
2. Listed on the website as a GST instructor

GST Graceful Facial Salon List

GST Graceful Facial

You can receive a graceful facial at any salon with the GST icon .

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