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History of CIDESCO

1946・Established CIDESCO

1947・Branches in Australia, Belgium, France, Holland, and Switzerland are established.

1950・Italian branch joins

1953・Joined the German branch

1955・Expansion of members to Nordic countries

1956・Ms. Lia de Corte, the Netherlands representative, proposed the name “CIDESCO” and was officially recognized.

・Joined the Swedish branch

1957・Established the Board of Education and started preparations for the standardization of esthetician education

・CIDESCO diploma system started

Introduced the CIDESCO education program to esthetic schools in Belgium, Germany, and Switzerland

・Joined Norwegian branch

1958・Greek branch and Swiss branch joined

・First issue of CIDESCO Diploma

1959・Joined Israel branch

1960・Mr. Andreazzi (Australia) was awarded the Meritorious Service Award (Médaille du Mérite), which honors the high standards of professionals.


・Ms. De Corte (Ran) becomes the first female president

・England (A) branch joins

1965・Iceland branch joins1966

・The support group “Amis du CIDESCO” (CIDESCO Friends Association) was established and held a fundraising party “Soirée Des Amis Du CIDESCO” (CIDESCO Friends Association Evening).

・CIDESCO Honorary Award “Diplôme d’Honneur du CIDESCO” established in the fields of professional and general education

1967・Established the “Médaille du Mérite CIDESCO” CIDESCO Distinguished Service Award for research activities.

1968・News published for the first time

・Joined the American branch

1970・CIDESCO is registered as a trademark in Zurich, Switzerland, and the secretariat is also transferred to Zurich, and the rules and regulations are adopted.

1972・ Salon regulations recommended by CIDESCO are adopted at the general meeting.

・Joined the Japan branch

1973・21 branch offices and 14 CIDESCO accredited schools

1974・An examination system for estheticians with more than 5 years of practical experience was adopted at the general meeting, and even estheticians who have not received education at a CIDESCO accredited school can acquire a CIDESCO diploma.

1975・CIDESCO accredited schools expanded to 35 schools

・Ms. Keiko Tsukino won the CIDESCO Esthetic Award

1976・Revision of the CIDESCO curriculum by the Board of Education

・Joined the New Zealand branch and the South African branch

1978・Joined Ireland branch

Creation of the Diplôme du Georges Dumont Award for Practical Achievement

1980・Australia Branch Joined

・Ms. Miyoka Shibayama received the CIDESCO Distinguished Service Award

1982・Masayoshi Nakano won the CIDESCO Esthetic Award

1983・Reduced the number of years of work experience required to qualify for the CIDESCO Diploma from 5 years to 3 years

・Decided to set up an education preparation committee to consider educational programs

・School regulations are enforced

1984・Decided to set up a board of education and introduce it to the advanced training program

・Joined the Singapore branch

1985・CIDESCO accredited schools expanded to 51 schools

・Exhibited at Les Nouvelles Esthetiques Exhibition for the first time

1986・Taiwan branch and Korean branch joined

・Establishment of the Diplôme de Rose Droessart to honor dedication to conference management

1987・Start of on-site education by CIDESCO examiners

・England (B) branch joins

1988・New rules and regulations adopted at general meeting

・A new educational program on theory was completed by the board of education.

1989・Joined the Yugoslavia branch

・Branch A, which organizes individual members, and B branch, which organizes accredited schools, are launched, and 10,000 people from 27 countries are registered as members in Branch A.


1991・Joined Brazil branch

1992・Joined Cyprus branch and Australia (B) branch

・Ms. Pertoma wins the Gold Medal Médaillet D’Or, established to honor CIDESCO and its outstanding contributions to the aesthetic industry.

・Miyoka Shibayama became an honorary member

1993・Published public relations magazine “CIDESCO Link”

1994・The number of member countries increased to 30 by joining the India branch.

・The number of CIDESCO accredited schools has reached 107, doubling in just 10 years.

・The MCQ (multiple choice) system was trialed as a new written test and translated into 12 languages.

1995・MCQ (multiple choice) is compulsory for the written test

・The number of CIDESCO accredited schools has expanded to 130 and the number of accredited salons to 70.

1996・CIDESCO 50th anniversary

1998・Zimbabwe joins the branch1999

・Russia branch and Slovenia branch joined

・Revision of makeup school regulations

the year of 2000

・Revision of beauty therapy syllabus

・Joined the Estonia branch

2001・Over 3,000 CIDESCO international exam takers

・190 CIDESCO accredited schools, 100 accredited salons, and 33 branch member countries

2002・New CIDESCO Articles of Incorporation approved2003

・Bylaws of CIDESCO approved

・The total number of CIDESCO international exam takers reached 4,100.

2006・Spa therapist qualification system introduced

・CIDESCO 60th anniversary

2011・The Articles of Incorporation, school regulations, and salon regulations are revised and approved.

・Revision of the code of ethics for members

year 2012・CIDESCO-NIPPON 40th Anniversary Celebration was held at the Embassy of Switzerland2013

・Create CIDESCO Headquarters Facebook and LinkedIn accounts

・Ms. Pamela Adkins, Representative Director of the Japan Chapter, received the Distinguished Service Award

・School regulation revision/approval

2014・CIDESCO Link is fully digitalized

・Launch of three new diploma programs: Spa Therapy, Beauty & Spa Management, and Media Makeup

・CIDESCO smartphone app completed

2015・Start of system of one branch in one country2016

・CIDESCO 70th anniversary

・Held the 70th anniversary celebration at the Embassy of Ireland

・Regulations for membership, certified salons, spas, and trademarks are revised, and new regulations for supporting members are approved.