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CIDESCO World Congress
Since 1946, CIDESCO has held world conferences with three goals .
  1.  Organize people engaged in esthetics and promote opinion exchange and knowledge sharing.
  2.  Deepen exchanges with influential experts in the fields of esthetics and cosmetology (physicians, surgeons, dermatologists, scientists specializing in cosmetics, etc.), and share the significance of esthetics with each organization and society. Understanding your contribution
  3.  Establish a framework for esthetician education and an examination system, and promote the establishment of vocational schools.
  4. In this world conference, not only the general meeting by the representatives of each country’s branch, but also meetings of accredited schools, international examiners, accredited salons, research presentations on esthetics, exhibitions of equipment and materials, various contests, etc. were held for 5 to 6 days. increase.
    Members gather from all over the world, and it is a place to deepen friendship among members while improving the level of international knowledge and skills.
1st 1946 brussels belgium
2nd time 1947 france paris
3rd time 1948 Switzerland Geneva
4th 1949 france paris
5th 1950 austria vienna
6th 1952 Italy Milan
7th 1953 france paris
8th 1954 switzerland lucerne
9th 1955 germany baden baden
10th 1956 brussels belgium
11th 1957 austria vienna
12th 1958 italy venice
13th 1959 switzerland lucerne
14th 1960 Netherlands Amsterdam
15th 1961 greece athens
16th 1962 france paris
17th 1963 germany munich
18th 1964 Switzerland Lausanne
19th 1965 Belgium Ostend
20th 1966 Italy Rome
21st 1967 monaco monte carlo
22nd 1968 spain barcelona
23rd 1969 austria vienna
24th 1970 Netherlands Amsterdam
25th 1971 brussels belgium
26th 1972 america new york
27th 1973 England London
28th 1974 Israel Tel Aviv
29th 1975 greece athens
30th 1976 austria vienna
31st 1977 monaco monte carlo
32nd 1978 Brighton, England
33rd 1979 monaco monte carlo
34th 1980 Japan Tokyo
35th 1981 austria vienna
36th 1982 canada vancouver
37th 1983 germany hamburg
38th 1984 america new york
39th 1985 Finland Helsinki
40th 1986 austria vienna
41st 1987 glasgow united kingdom
42nd 1988 australia sydney
43rd 1989 greece athens
44th 1990 Netherlands Amsterdam
45th 1991 Malaysia Kuala Lumpur
46th 1992 Cyprus Nicosia
1st interim meeting 1993 Brazil Rio de Janeiro
47th 1994 switzerland basel
2nd interim meeting 1995 south africa sun city
48th 1996 USA Washington D.C.
special general meeting 1997 germany pisbaden
49th 1998 greece athens
4th special general meeting 1999 Switzerland Zurich
50th the year of 2000 italy florence
51st 2001 Hong Kong
5th Special General Meeting 2002 England London
52nd 2003 australia adelaide
53rd 2004 Slovenia Portoroz
54th Year 2005 america new york
55th 2006 greece athens
56th 2007 Malaysia Kuala Lumpur
57th 2008 germany baden baden
58th 2009 Japan Kyoto
59th 2010 Sweden Stockholm
60th 2011 Korea Seoul
61st year 2012 Switzerland Zurich
62nd 2013 China Wuhan
63rd 2014 greece athens
64th 2015 South Africa Johannesburg
65th 2016 ireland dublin
66th 2017 India Mumbai
67th 2018 Sweden Stockholm
68th 2019 USA Chicago